Nagelmakers Advocaten

mr. Barbara M. Nagelmakers - Lawyer

Barbara has over 20 years of experience as a lawyer. She has a commercial litigation practice. She works mainly for entrepreneurs. Barbara is also regularly appointed as a bankruptcy trustee and liquidator. Barbara always handles cases quickly and takes a practical approach. She prefers to solve her cases amicably, but she does not shy away from legal proceedings. She draws on her thorough legal knowledge and creativity. The interests of her clients always come first.

mr. Carla van der Slikke - Lawyer

Before she came to Curaçao, Carla worked at one of the largest law firms in the Netherlands. Carla is a true civil lawyer with a predilection for the law of persons, family law and inheritance law. She also has knowledge of the finer points of Curaçao labor law. She does not shy away from difficult cases in other areas of law.

The best thing about her profession is the challenge to achieve optimal results for her clients. It makes her even happier if this involves legally complicated issues. Carla will always try to settle cases amicably without involving the court. Sometimes this is not possible, for whatever reason. In those cases, her experience in and love for litigation come in handy.

Reina Rojer - Office Manager